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40. Half the Battle

Each side has half-emblems falling from the sky. You and your partner are separated and must connect more emblem-halves than the other team. Look out for falling balls of electricity!

39. Net Worth

A cooperative minigame where you all raise a net together to catch as many fish as possible.

38. Making Faces

Remember that minigame in Super Mario Odyssey where you tried to accurately drop facial features on a blank Mario face? This is that, but with partner controls.

37. Fruit Forecast

Fruit and spiky balls are falling from the sky. Catch fruit and do not catch spiky balls.

36. Dust Buddies

A 3-on-1 minigame. One really big vacuum tries to suck up more dust than a triple-threat Hydra vacuum.

35. Lightning Round

Coins are popping up all over a very cramped arena while harmful globs of electricity rain down from above.

34. Soak or Croak

It’s a water gun fight. Quite fun, but a little janky. Last man standing wins.

Super mario party minigames croak soak

33. Get Over It

Spikes are rolling in, fast and slow and from the left and right. Be careful with your timing and jump over them–it is much harder than it looks. Survive the longest to win, and enjoy some super-tense showdowns in the process.

32. Miner Setbacks

Another cooperative minigame. Here, you have to all push and pull a cart in unity to navigate through a very crowded mine.

31. Can Take Pancake

A simple minigame where everyone races to fill their plate with the most pancakes. You’re all grabbing from the same giant pile, and, to complicate things, you can only grab a pancake that has no other pancake even partially covering it.

30. Bopping Spree

A 3-on-1 game where you have to punch balloons as they light up. The solo player is inside a diamond of balloons while the team of three works from the outside. This is a well-balanced minigame that almost always has a very intense finish, so long as no computers are weighing you down.

29. What a Racket

Yet another 3-on-1 game, this is a Mario Party take on tennis. Bombs are parachuting onto the court, and if one lands on your half, the other team gets a point. A team of three takes on a solo player wielding a comically large racquet.

28. Feeding Friendsy

There are two giant Cheep Cheeps. When one opens its mouth, start throwing balls right into it. This minigame can be a little frustrating, as the motion controls can be somewhat finicky, but ultimately it’s a great time.

27. Off the Chain

One player rides a very wily Chain Chomp around an arena while everyone else tries to stay out of the way.

26. Sort of Fun

Basketballs, volleyballs, baseballs, and soccer balls all fall from the sky, and everyone has to pass the balls into designated bins. Race against the short clock to get a high score, and be attentive so that you do not drop a ball into the wrong bin–it’s tougher than it sounds.

25. Rattle and Hmmm

An HD rumble quiz. Three characters will run by the screen, each with a different rumble. Then, you’ll feel one of the rumbles one more time, and you will have to correctly pick the attributed character.

24. Smash and Crab

Three players control an unwieldy, clumsy giant crab robot. The remaining player does everything in their power not to get crushed.

23. Dart Gallery

Three players have three darts apiece, and they’ve got to lob them towards the odd man out. The team of three wins if they can land three hits.

22. Home on the ‘Rang

A fun motion control minigame that is, for some reason, cooperative. Pokeys are sliding across the screen, and you’ve got to whack them with boomerangs.

21. Block and Load

A 3-on-1 minigame where you work to knock down a block fort with tank blasts. You have to take out the top blocks first to make the lower ones budge. The solo player has a little more wiggle room though, since they get an absolutely massive tank.

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