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60. Nut Cases

Pick up boxes and rely on the HD rumble to feel how many nuts are in it. Try and assemble a row of boxes with the most nuts possible.

59. Look Sharp

Hold the Joy-Con like a magnifying glass and try to focus just right on the character in front of you. Speed earns points.

58. Time to Shine

Waluigi strikes a pose, and if the spotlight lands on you, then you make the same pose. You have to pay attention for this one since the speed makes it easy to slip up. This is a pretty funny and enjoyable minigame.

Super Mario PArty minigames time to shine

57. Lit Potato

It’s like hot potato, but you just wait as long as you can before passing it on. If you have any allies, they’ll be there to give you some backup.

56. It’s the Pits

You’re stuck on a spinning platform. There’s a rotating light–do not be standing in it when it stops.

55. Go with the Flow

A few Super Mario Party minigames involve four-player cooperation. Go with the Flow is one such game. A hot air balloon is rising up through a field of plain old helium balloons. Everyone has a brief opportunity to fan the hot air balloon and push it into as many helium balloons as possible. Work to pop a lot of balloons while also setting up your team members for success.

54. Metal Detectors

A coin minigame where you walk around some sand and use HD rumble to search for coins. Move and dig quickly and you’ll be fine.

53. Stake Your Claim

You’ll see four unusual shapes in front of you. Make a quick decision and choose the one you think is biggest. Whoever gets the most area through three rounds wins.

52. Isthmus Be the Way

A cooperative baton-passing minigame. Hold a steady hand while trying to cross a jagged bridge as fast as possible.

51. Take a Stab

Food is flying at you, and you’ve got to stab it with the Joy-Con to catch it. This is a rhythm minigame, so, of course, you have to do it to the beat or face the consequences.

50. All-Star Swingers

Another rhythm minigame. This time, baseballs are flying at you at different speeds and angles. Hit them. Score points.

49. Social Climbers

Another shake-the-Joy-Con-as-fast-as-possible, but you have to hold the L button at the right time as well. Something about the slight need to control your pace makes it a lot more fun.

48. Fireplace Race

Cooperative minigame alert! Your team starts out in a dark room, and you all have to light a couple dozen candles. Bats are flying around, so watch your step and split up to light every candle in as little time as possible.

47. Gridiron Gauntlet

Try and stay safe while Chargin’ Chucks, well, charge in from every direction. Take too many hits and you’re out.

46. Drop Quiz

A 3-on-1 minigame, Drop Quiz shows you a short sequence of enemies, background objects, and fruit. The solo player chooses a question such as, “How many Koopas were there?” and the team chooses answers. As long as one person gets all three questions correct, the team wins.

45. Absent Minded

A fun puzzle minigame where you’ll be shown a few characters and a few mixed-up, blurry images. You have to figure out which character is not there.

44. Snack Attack

Popcorn and lava rocks are falling from the sky. Catch the popcorn. Do not catch the lava rocks. You can’t catch the lava rocks.

Super mario party minigames snacka ttack

43. Air to a Fortune

Game theory! There are several clouds, each with different amounts of coins. If two people choose the same cloud, neither one of them get anything. Will you risk jumping to a cloud with ten coins, or will you go conservative with a three-coin cloud? Just hope nobody has the same thought process as you.

42. Senseless Census

A few Super Mario Party minigames are just super creative. Here is a prime example. You’ve gotta take a head count on a Toad-filled train. Go through quickly and try to get the most accurate count. Be careful, since some Toads are running around, and some things really look like a Toad, but they’re not.

Make the biggest stack of ice by shaking the Joy-Con at the right moment.

41. Tall Order

Build a giant tower of ice shavings by shaking the Joy-Con at the right time. Work with your partner and watch your aim!

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