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Super Mario Party released last week as a much-anticipated return to form for the series. The game has been somewhat controversial–the inability to use the handheld mode or a Pro Controller both drew criticism–but the game has been mostly well-received. I was a big fan of the game, giving it an 8 out of 10 in my review. One of the key factors in that score is the excellent minigame catalog. There are 80 Super Mario Party minigames, and I took it upon myself to play and rank all of them. I know–who has that kind of time? Me, sort of.

The Super Mario Party minigames roster has a wide variety of fights, puzzles, and tests of speed and memory. There are sets of cooperative and rhythm-based minigames, which create a more diverse portfolio. Some minigames utilize surprisingly strong motion controls too. There are so many quality minigames that even titles towards the bottom of the list are good fun.

Of course, there are some duds as well. Some games have lackluster motion controls or a lame premise. Some are super repetitive and uninspired. There are only a few Super Mario Party minigames that I truly dislike, but they are there, unfortunately holding this catalog back from legendary status. Ultimately, despite a few weak entries, the Super Mario Party minigames set is among the best in the series.

If you don’t want to sift through all of the low-ranking minigames, then you can jump to minigames 60-41, minigames 40-21, or you can jump straight to the top twenty or even the top ten. If you want to know where every minigame places on this list, then just read on.

80. Lost in the Shuffle

You have to keep your eye on some shuffling dolls and pick the right one at the end. The issue is only one person can select a doll, so even if you had your eye on the right one, you have to be fast with your cursor to win, for whatever reason.

79. Maths of Glory

You just jump and try to get a high number on your dice block.

78. Trike Harder

A few Super Mario Party minigames are repetitive. Trike Harder is one of them, asking players to rotate their Joy-Con in a wobbly circle as quickly as possible. I always feel like I’m gonna snap my Joy-Con in half on this one.

Super Mario Party minigames Trike Harder
Contrary to the picture, there are no winners in Trike Harder
77. Pull It Together

You just mash A the whole time.

76. Don’t Wake Wiggler

Press the “Pet Wiggler” button once or twice and hope he doesn’t wake up. Watch everyone else do the same thing. Repeat a few times. That’s it.

75. Precision Gardening

Who can pump their Joy-Con up and down the fastest? It’s like a slightly less awkward Trike Harder.

74. Fiddler on the Hoof

The worst rhythm game. Nothing visually pleasing or challenging or fun about it; just pump the Joy-Con in the air when your horse runs over a circle.

73. Rumble Fishing

Roam around the water searching for a big rumble and hope that nobody else finds a bigger one.

72. Follow the Money

A short platforming level, except there’s more incentive to wait for coins to spawn instead of actually finishing the level first.

71. Wiped Out

A rhythm minigame where you wipe windows to the beat. Okay, I guess.

70. Juice Box

A confusing partner matching game where you have to find specific fruits in a grid.

69. Timing Is Money

Ground pound at the right time to get the most coins, and repeat as many times as you can.

68. Strike It Rich

Another so-so rhythm minigame. Punch stuff to the beat. Yawn.

Super Mario Party Minigames strike it rich

67. Rhythm and Bruise

A rhythm minigame. Whack-a-mole to the beat. Not much to speak on here.

66. Suit Yourselves

A team-based game of memory. It’s just way too easy to be fun.

65. Croozin’ for a Broozin’

Run right!

64. Baton and On

A marching rhythm game. The beat and aesthetics are almost fun. Almost.

63. Pep Rally

Back-to-back rhythm minigames! You have a card and must hold it up and down in tune with the beat. This one is actually somewhat challenging due to how often the pattern switches up.

62. Looking for Love

A heart will appear in one of four directions. Be the first to look towards it, but don’t go too fast and trip yourself up.

61. Clearing the Table

Rhythm alert. Wait for the dishes to stack up, then yank the tablecloth out from under them. This one is aesthetically pleasing and involves a bit more coordination than the other rhythm games.

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