Super Mario Odyssey Wooded Kingdom remade in Super Mario 64

Super Mario Odyssey Wooded Kingdom Super Mario 64 mod

Super Mario Odyssey, as we’ve established more than once, is a total freakin’ masterpiece. It is bonkers how Nintendo followed up Breath of The Wild‘s sky-high quality tit for tat with Odyssey, delivering memorable worlds, an outstanding soundtrack, and just so many secrets and surprises to discover. Perhaps my favorite level — thanks to its stellar theme song — is Wooded Kingdom, which offers a diverse variety of both vertical and horizontal platforming sections. And personally, I’ve never asked myself, “Gee, how would Wooded Kingdom look if it were made in Super Mario 64?” But if I had, I sure would be happy to know an answer exists, thanks to YouTube channels Kaze Emanuar and Biobak.

The big thing to take note of in this preview video is that you can still throw your cap and capture enemies, and it is all-around really quite charming. However, my favorite thing about this Super Mario 64 Wooded Kingdom is still just the remixed level theme, provided by Imb_Limbo. There’s no denying the power of music.

We don’t know what’s next for mainline Mario entries, but a Super Mario Odyssey 2 would be more than welcome after its sensational first outing. Plus, it would give modders much more material like Wooded Kingdom to port over to Super Mario 64!


John Friscia
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