Three years into the Switch’s life, what’s your favorite game on the system?

Super Mario Odyseey

The Switch is already three years old–today is its third birthday in Japan, and tomorrow is its three-year anniversary in North America. Between consistently reviving the best of the Wii U as well as a nonstop parade of excellent new games, the system’s strong software library has been impressive from day one. At three years old, the Switch is likely about halfway through its life cycle, give or take. Thus far, what’s your favorite game on the platform? Do you think any Switch game down the line might have a shot to surpass it?

So far, my favorite is pretty easily Super Mario Odyssey. The long-awaited return to an exploration-based 3D Mario delivered in almost every way imaginable. I love it so much that I really don’t know what future Switch game I could possibly end up liking more. Super Mario Odyssey 2 would have a chance, especially if it were substantially more challenging than the original, but otherwise, it would probably take an incredible new IP or a port of something that I already enjoy more. There are only a handful of games in general that I prefer Super Mario Odyssey, but ports of any of them (Super Mario SunshinePersona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 have the best shots, in my eyes) would technically take the crown. As far as my favorite original Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey is going to be very, very tough for any future Switch title to beat.

What’s your favorite Switch game so far? How do you feel about the first three years of Switch? Sound off in the comments!

Nick Pearson
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