Super Mario Odyssey mod reaffirms that Mario should never shave

Super Mario Odyssey mod mustache removed

What do you think of when you picture Mario? You probably think of the classic red getup with blue overalls. No doubt Mario also has his signature mustache. But what if we took that mustache away from Mario? We’ve seen horrifying Photoshop creations before of such a thing, but what if we could see it happen in a game?

The mod that shaved Mario

Introducing the latest mod from M&M in which Mario’s mustache is now gone forever in Super Mario Odyssey. Before you ask, yes, it’s weird to see. But don’t just take my word for it. ProsafiaGaming made a hilarious video showcasing the weirdness. Check it out!

You may have noticed that even though Mario’s ‘stache is gone, the creatures he takes control of will still have it. But that’s the thing about Mario’s mustache — you can’t just get rid of it. The mustache is an integral part of Mario’s soul.

When I first saw this hit Twitter, I knew it was weird. But for me, it got immediately weirder as people I follow were starting to point out an uncanny resemblance to a popular Disney character.

So it’s not the first time this comparison has been made. The similarities between Fix-It Felix and Mario are also intentional as well given that Wreck-It Ralph is one giant love letter to classic games. So Fix-It Felix is probably just supposed to have a similar character design to that of Mario. However, we can still take a look at these characters side by side and have a laugh.

Either way, I think this Super Mario Odyssey mod is weird and should stay in a corner far away from the rest of the internet. What do you guys think? Does Mario look good without a mustache? Should he keep it on forever? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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