Super Mario Odyssey 64 mod offers 80 moons and is available now

Super Mario Odyssey 64 mod Super Mario 64 mod Nintendo 64 graphics for Nintendo Switch game Kaze Emanuar

Back in January, we reported on a preview of Super Mario Odyssey 64, a new mod for Super Mario 64 that recreates the experience of Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. That preview showcased Wooded Kingdom, but Kaze Emanuar is back now with the full mod, containing 80 moons and many worlds faithfully recreated to explore. It looks like a massive labor of love, as you can instantly distinguish most of the levels from the Switch game even with these simple Nintendo 64 graphics. You can admire Super Mario Odyssey 64 for yourself with its release trailer.

A crucial detail that has been faithfully recreated here is the hat possession mechanic. If you need to become a Goomba for some reason, you can chuck your hat and do that, though it’s understandably lacking in special animations. In any case, Super Mario Odyssey 64 looks like a blast for diehards of either game involved here.

The YouTube trailer video description includes links and details about how to go about accessing the mod and applying it to Super Mario 64, if you’re interested in playing it yourself. Alternatively, if you’d rather just enjoy it as an observer, here’s a 40-minute video showcase!

Tell us what you think of Super Mario Odyssey 64 from Kaze Emanuar!


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