Super Mario movie will explain why Chris Pratt’s not using an Italian accent

Chris Pratt Super Mario movie Italian accent

Back in September, the gaming world was shocked to learn that Chris Pratt had been cast as Mario in the upcoming Super Mario movie. Pratt is just one big name in a cast that includes Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, and more. That’s a lot to wrap your head around. But I think the biggest question on most peoples’ minds (besides what?!?!) is how Pratt will handle Mario’s voice. Thanks to some recent comments by Producer Chris Meledandri, we can confirm he won’t be using an Italian accent throughout the Mario movie.

No Italian accent for Chris Pratt

In a recent video from toofab, Chris Meledandri answered some questions about Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario. Meledandri praised Pratt’s take as “phenomenal” before tackling the question of his Italian accent, or lack thereof.

Question: How much are you going to have them lean into the “It’s me, it’s Mario,” lean into the Italian-ness?

Answer: We cover it in the movie, so you’ll see that we definitely nod to that, but that’s not the tenor of the performance throughout the film.

So there you have it, Chris Pratt won’t be sporting an Italian accent, but it seems the Super Mario movie will explain the change in some way. At this point, I’m half-expecting a live-action Chris Pratt will get Isekai’d into a Mario game.

Super Mario movie casting

The toofab reporter also prodded Meladandri to see if he had any concerns bout “the wokest culture” potentially protesting the casting. While Meledandri understands the concern, he doesn’t think it will impact the movie and points to the casting of Charlie Day.

Well, as an Italian American myself, I understand the comments. Charlie Day who’s playing Luigi actually comes from Italian heritage. So that’s our nod.

The toofab reporter then asked if he expects woke people to cancel Mario, to which Meldandri replied “I don’t think so.”┬áIf anything, the bulk of complaints about Pratt’s casting have been due to Charles Martinet’s popularity in the role.


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