Popcorn time: Nintendo wants other “visual content expansion projects” besides the Super Mario movie

Super Mario movie

After everything that’s happened this wonderful year, it’s easy to forget Nintendo has a Super Mario animated feature planned for 2022. It’s a joint collaboration between the Big N and Illumination, which I pray doesn’t mean a crossover with the Minions. Regardless, the Japanese company has its sights set on further ventures besides the Super Mario movie. President Shuntaro Furukawa said as much during Nintendo’s policy briefing, where he mentioned “visual content expansion projects.”

After the Super Mario movie releases, Nintendo has a rich catalog to comb through for further motion pictures

Here are Mr. Furukawa’s remarks from the recent briefing:

We have also already embarked on multiple other visual content expansion projects, and are pursuing further opportunities. As we shared previously, the Super Mario movie is being financed by Nintendo as well as Universal Pictures, and we are actively involved in planning, development and production. Going forward, visual content expansion initiatives may not be limited to film. The scale of our investments will vary based o the type of project, but we will continue to invest in these entertainment expansion initiatives to increase the number of people who have access to our IP.

It’s interesting to note Furukawa is not limiting these other ideas to just film. Could this mean the return of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!? Personally, I’d be happy with a live-action Metroid flick. You know Brie Larson is interested!

Enthusiasts, what “visual content” are you expecting to see from Nintendo after the Super Mario movie hits theaters? Let us know your hopes and dreams below.

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