Super Mario Maker 2 update adds map creator, Super Worlds, and Koopalings this week

Super Mario Maker 2 update map creator koopalings super world

The Super Mario Maker franchise puts one of the most iconic IP of all time in the hands of its fans. You can imagine, create, play, and share your own custom Mario levels, allowing for infinite fun. Nintendo has launched a series of free updates for Super Mario Maker 2 since its release last year, and later this week another content drop is on the way. This Wednesday, April 22, you can look forward to the addition of the Koopalings, lots of new items, and a new “Super World” feature that includes a custom map creator. Nintendo has also confirmed that this will be the last major update for the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 update

Custom maps and Super Worlds

One of the best parts of a good 2D Mario game is uncovering the overworld map. It really helps connect the levels together into a more immersive Mario world, and that’s a feature that was lacking in Super Mario Maker 2. With this new update, you’ll be able to use a world creator with themes like Underground, Desert, Snow, Sky, Forest, Volcano, and Outer Space. You can string a total of 40 levels (across 8 worlds) together to form one Super World. In other words, you can essentially create your own custom Mario game, map and all.

Koopalings return

In addition to the new map creator and Super Worlds Super Mario Maker 2‘s next update adds baddies and collectibles. The seven Koopalings will all join as bosses, each with their own unique style. The update also includes a new Super Mario Bros. 2 mushroom that lets Mario ride on enemies, pick them up, and throw them, just as he did in the classic NES game.  New collectibles include the Frog Suit, Boomerang Flower, Cursed Keys, and more.



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