Super Mario Maker 2 once had a Mario Bros 2 theme in development, says Imran Khan

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Super Mario Maker 2 is one day away from its final major content update. The update brings Koopalings, a few Super Mario Bros 2 items, and, most notably, allows creators to build their own Mario games by stringing together up to forty levels on a custom world map with the “Super World” feature. It’s a great amount of content that is sure to bring plenty of players back to the game, and it may even spark a few lofty creations. Apparently, though, Nintendo had a bit more planned at one point. Imran Khan, former senior editor at Game Informer, revealed yesterday that he had heard that a Super Mario Bros. 2 theme was at one point in development for Super Mario Maker 2. With COVID-19 forcing the world to a standstill, he believes that Nintendo just pushed out what they had and called it a day.

An additional theme is not that crazy of an idea at all – look at how lonely Super Mario 3D World is in the “Additional Themes” box. With all of the Super Mario Bros. 2 items showing up in the final Super Mario Maker 2 update, it’s not hard to imagine that something bigger was once planned.

Khan has revealed a few random industry happenings in the past, many specific to Nintendo. According to him, Nintendo once wanted Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they canceled a planned Fire Emblem remake on 3DS in 2019, and they held off on localizing Mother 3 for fear of numerous controversial images within the game. Now, we can add DLC themes for Super Mario Maker 2 to his pile of almost-existent game content.

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