Super Mario Galaxy touchscreen & motion controls on Switch revealed

Super Mario Galaxy touchscreen controls and motion controls used in Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch

In a recent post on Twitter, Nintendo shone the spotlight on the new Super Mario Galaxy touchscreen controls in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, along with a look at Joy-Con motion controls. The game’s move to Nintendo Switch means new hardware, of course, so Nintendo has taken care to incorporate the touchscreen into the refreshed experience.

In the original Super Mario Galaxy the Wii Remote allowed you to collect faraway stars. It even shot enemies from a distance. This is still possible with the Joy-Con, as the video shows. However, to make the game just as accessible while mobile and/or on Switch Lite, new Super Mario Galaxy touchscreen controls make it possible to do everything on the touchscreen. A single tap shoots a star, and dragging your finger acts as the cursor, collecting stars.

These new controls aren’t mind-blowing, but it’s great that Nintendo is incorporating them. It probably won’t drastically change the way that people play the game, at least on the base Switch model. On the Switch Lite though, this makes the game playable. Without those touchscreen controls, the Switch Lite would need to require Joy-Con or have a slightly more complex control scheme. In any case, it’s a welcome addition.


Jamie Sharp
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