Super Mario Galaxy logo found to use the actual Andromeda galaxy

Andromeda galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy's logo nintendo switch

Super Mario Galaxy is a phenomenal Wii game, though we consider the sequel a true masterpiece. However, it seems as though players are still making discoveries in this space-based Mario adventure. Twitter user @CometMedal has shared their awesome discovery of the Andromeda galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy‘s logo.

Specifically, it’s an image of the Andromeda galaxy assembled by Robert Gendler in 2005 that is present inside Super Mario Galaxy‘s logo. If you’re not quite seeing it in the tweet below, the next one underneath does a great job of showcasing the two images against one another.

It’s not hard to see why Nintendo would opt to use this photo of Andromeda for the game’s logo. It’s a beautiful constructed image. Andromeda is the galaxy nearest to our own, the Milky Way, and if the Mass Effect series ever does make it to Switch, maybe you’ll be able to explore it yourself in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Super Mario Galaxy is simply set in space around the Mushroom Kingdom, as far as we’re aware. Nintendo may know differently though. We may never know the exact location. In any case, this is another cool little discovery in the Nintendo universe.


Jamie Sharp
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