Super Mario Galaxy DS fan project is making some serious progress

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Four incredibly capable homebrewers are putting their heads together to create a functioning port of Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo DS, and they’ve got some incredible progress to show for it. The video below, coming from a channel that goes by Jesse, shows a playthrough of the Hurry Scurry Galaxy on the DS. It is, of course, as fuzzy and blocky as you remember DS games being, and a few sound effects are missing, but seeing Super Mario Galaxy run on a DS in any capacity is positively bewildering. This is some seriously impressive stuff.

Yeah, the actual utility of Super Mario Galaxy running on a DS is probably close to nonexistent, but simply seeing what this team is able to put together is incredible. Even though the project will likely never leave the hands of the team making it (Nintendo ninjas are always ready to swoop in once any kind of distribution is attempted), I’m quite satisfied simply seeing what they’ve put together, and I hope to see more updates down the line.

It’s no surprise that Super Mario Galaxy has fans dedicated enough to try slapping it onto a DS. It’s one of the best Super Mario games, and maybe one of the best games ever made, as I note in my Super Mario 3D All-Stars review. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this project to see where it goes from here, and I’ll be looking to see what the team behind it works on next. Maybe they can manage Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Switch, since Nintendo refuses to make it happen.


Nick Pearson
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