Super Mario has been reimagined as a phenomenally beautiful FPS

Super Mario FPS Super Mario first-person shooter by Sean Noonan

The man we know and love as Super Mario has graced so many different genres at this point — platformer, RPG, various sports, edutainment, etc. Yet one genre he has been absent from is the first-person shooter. There have been various first-person Mario demos over time, some of them in virtual reality. However, this Super Mario FPS demo from game and level designer Sean Noonan is definitely the most visually stunning, and I would pay money to play this as a full game.

This Super Mario FPS features Warp Pipes, Goombas, Coins, Mushrooms, and various blocks. The gun is made to look like a Bill Blaster, though it fires plungers. The gun aspect probably could’ve used a bit more thought, but it’s a trivial nitpick in what is still a dazzling thing to behold.

This game demo is a result of a challenge issued by the Mapcore community to recreate the first level of Super Mario Bros., Unreal Tournament, or Counter-Strike 1.6, using any software. Noonan obviously picked Mario, and to outstanding effect at that. He has worked on, among other things, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, and Crackdown 2, so the quality on display here makes sense.

In any case, Noonan’s YouTube channel currently has 14 separate video clips about the development of the Super Mario FPS, so check ’em out! Then share this around to let Nintendo know you’d be down for this sort of thing. I will be.


John Friscia
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