Super Mario Bros. movie footage unearthed reveals a cut political rap song

1993 Super Mario Bros. movie new footage Spike Iggy political rap song Koopa

The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive has done a great service to the world by getting its hands on an early cut of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie and sharing its deleted scenes online. We already covered the first two clips that the archive has shared, including rivals to the Mario Bros. and the mystery of some slime. Now, a third clip has emerged online for your viewing pleasure involving Iggy, Spike, and… a political rap song, including the lyric, “Koopa, the party poopa.”

Like previous video clips, this video does a fine job of refreshing you on the required background context to understand its contents. But in brief, Iggy and Spike are at a bar, and Mario and Luigi have changed their way of thinking so that they don’t want to be bad guys working for Koopa anymore. They call for revolution to get rid of him — via spontaneous political rap song, as one does. There are greater implications to the cut content, apparently implying these two characters actually “orchestrated the downfall of Koopa.”

(If the video thumbnail looks like the video is “dead,” it’s not. If you click, it should play normally.)

Apparently, Spike actor Richard Edson was the original drummer for Sonic Youth, and the Super Mario Bros. movie’s constant rewrites invited wiggle room to expand the roles of Spike and Iggy. As such, Edson invented the rap on the spot, which was greenlit by the film’s directors. Why it ended up getting cut is uncertain.

Make sure to watch the whole video; it’s like eating all your spinach. Then stay tuned for more future deleted clips from the Super Mario Bros. movie!


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