Super Mario Bros. movie footage newly found explains a continuity error

Super Mario Bros. movie new footage continuity error

As we reported back in August, Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive has gotten its hands on an extended cut of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie that contains about 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage. Now they’re feeding this lost footage to the world bit by bit on YouTube. Below is the newly shared second clip, focusing on the film’s Devo Chamber scene.

The video provides a refresher on all the required background context, but in brief, the Devo Chamber can devolve humans into more primitive life forms. In the Super Mario Bros. movie, Mario and Luigi are able to avoid a tragic fate at the chamber’s hands thanks to bad guys slipping on a big pile of slime on the floor. However — there was no canonical reason for that slime to be there in the film. This new clip shows that the slime was there because another human had been devolved to the maximum possible degree, becoming a puddle of slime. In essence, it’s a rare case where the canonical explanation is almost as logical as having no explanation at all.

Still, it’s a fun trip down memory lane — or a freaky look back in time if you’re younger — so check it out!

Alas, the clip lacks special effects for the transition into slime, and the novelization of the Super Mario Bros. movie apparently included this scene as well. But having this clip out for the world to see adds one more brush stroke to the grand tapestry that is the Super Mario mythos.


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