Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania is heading west late in 2020

Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania Yukio Sawada Super Mario-Kun English Viz Media release date December 8, 2020

I always knew that Mario manga existed, but to be honest, I’d never known until today that the manga Super Mario-Kun has been running in Japan since 1991. These adventures, written and drawn by Yukio Sawada, cover seemingly the full spectrum of Mario’s video games throughout the years, assuming the Mario Wiki can be trusted. Unfortunately, none of Super Mario-Kun has ever been officially translated into English for North America before, but that’s set to change this year. Viz Media has revealed that a collection of assorted Mario-Kun chapters will release in late 2020 as 160-page Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania.

Super Mario-Kun becomes Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania

On Amazon, Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania is listed without discount for $9.99 and pegged for release on Dec. 8, but that may possibly be a placeholder. The listing offers the following description from Viz Media:

Experience the zany world of Super Mario Bros. through manga!

Join Mario and pals in crazy adventures inspired by the hit video games! This collection of short stories showcases the fan-favorite characters of the Super Mario Bros. world in new, unconventional and hilarious ways. Handpicked from years of Mario comics in Japan, this compilation has never been available in English—until now!

A quick Google Image Search for the original manga showcases a really frenetic and fun art style, where it feels like everybody is exploding off the page. I will most definitely be grabbing this English translation come December, assuming civilization still exists by then. (Hopefully jokes like this will be completely confusing to anyone who stumbles on this article a few years from now.)

Will you be picking up Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania and experiencing Yukio Sawada’s loving interpretation of Nintendo’s most famous property? Or are you willing to settle for a bunch of heavily rumored 3D Mario remasters?


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