Super Mario Bros. 35 battle royale out now for Switch Online users

battle royale Super Mario Bros. 35 out now Nintendo Switch Online users free

The day has come. Super Mario Bros. 35 is available to download free now for Nintendo Switch Online users, and it is a zany battle royale version of the iconic video game that is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Per time zone differences, the game was actually available to play starting last night for those with a Japanese Switch account, but now it’s open to everyone.

Here is how Nintendo describes this weird new battle royale: “Race against time, defeat enemies and sabotage your opponents in an online battle to become the last Mario standing. Each player is given the same timed stage, but defeating enemies will earn you extra time while you attack your opponents. With the right combination of speed, skill, and strategy, you just might thrive in Super Mario Bros. 35!”

Across Twitter you can already see various players trying their hand at Super Mario Bros. 35, sharing their triumphant video clips and screenshots or, more often, their frustrating almost-but-not-quite failures. Basically, it seems like players are under constant bombardment of new enemies sent from other players’ games, and if you aren’t the most agile and bloodthirsty Super Mario you’ve ever been, you may not live to see the end of it all.

Totally true to the spirit of Mario, I’m sure!

Super Mario Bros. 35 will be available for Nintendo Switch Online users through March 31, 2021, after which time it will apparently disappear.

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