Dumpster fire: The first wave of the Super Mario Anniversary pin set is already sold out

Super Mario Anniversary pin set

Earlier this month, a special Nintendo Direct aired for Mario’s 35th anniversary. It contained a lot of announcements, many of which banked on players’ nostalgia. One of the niftiest things mentioned was a set of pins that celebrated the plumber’s history. Gamers had to complete a series of tasks on Nintendo’s Mario website and register Super Mario 3D All-Stars to claim the merchandise. However, since the Super Mario Anniversary pin set went live yesterday, the initial wave is completely out of stock.

Mario fans, myself included, encountered many technical issues trying to get the Super Mario Anniversary pin set

At 3 PM ET yesterday, many folks tried in vain to use their promo codes to nab a pin set. I couldn’t get the item added to my cart at all. Others received different messages, like Redditor MasonMinePlayz:

Was just trying to checkout with the Mario pin set when this happened… Great. from MyNintendo

I ended up trying again a few hours later and was successful in placing my order, with the pins shipping late October. But many other people weren’t so lucky, including Twitter user Super Nintendo Chalmers:

It is the year 2020, and video game companies still cannot prepare their webpages for an influx of users whenever an item goes up for pre-order. While a second wave was mentioned during the Direct and redeemable codes are good until March 31, 2021, I don’t have much confidence things will be any smoother the next time around.

Enthusiasts, were you successful in nabbing the Super Mario Anniversary pin set? Were you even aware of the promotion? Let us know below.


Arthur Damian
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