Peach in overalls: Rumor suggests new Mario movie will be based on Super Mario Adventures comic

Super Mario Adventures

Mario is no stranger to multimedia. The plumber has had television shows and a live-action film. And just this year, there were rumblings an animated movie is being made with the mustachioed hero. Now, recent rumors suggest the feature will be based on the beloved Super Mario Adventures comic from Nintendo Power magazine.

Super Mario Adventures defined my sense of humor

Twitter user @New_WabiSabi, who is a journalist for NintendoSoup and Spiel Times, reported on the gossip yesterday:

Not much to go on, but an exciting prospect for gamers familiar with the source material.

For those not in the know, Super Mario Adventures is a comic series that first appeared in the pages of Nintendo Power as a monthly strip in 1992. It’s also available as a trade paperback. The plot revolves around Mario and Luigi rescuing Princess Peach from a forced, brainwashed marriage to Bowser. The comic contains beloved characters like Yoshi, Kamek, and, uh, Friendly Floyd – an interpreter who speaks the Yoshi language.

Here are a few panels I hope will be in the movie:

Super Mario Adventures

Super Mario Adventures

Super Mario Adventures

No, I will not be providing context for any of these. Therefore, read the trade. I promise you it’s amazing for the Yoshi Language Learner alone.

Enthusiasts, did you read the monthly Super Mario Adventures back in the day? Above all, are you excited about the prospect of seeing it in motion? Let us know your feelings below!



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