Super Mario 64 speedrun world record broken after eight-year journey

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Speedrunner Ryan “Simply” Reeves finally achieved the goal that has famously dodged him for so long: the 120-star category world record in Super Mario 64 speedrunning. The Minnesota-based streamer rounded up all 120 stars in an absurdly fast time of 1:38.28, shaving 15 seconds off the two-months-old record of Liam Kings.

Upon wrapping up the record, Ryan, his fans, and his parents all enjoyed an emotional celebration. As soon as he punted Bowser away for the last time, Ryan broke down in laughter and tears as his mother entered the room to see what was going on. Upon realizing that her son just won the Super Mario 64 world record he had spent so many years trying to break, she immediately calls her husband into the room, and then both parents hugged their overjoyed son.

While the record-breaking run through Super Mario 64 by itself took fewer than 100 minutes, it marks the payoff for a much longer journey for Simply. After first pursuing the record nearly eight years ago, Simply has had to temporarily leave streaming for years at a time due to college and, later, carpal tunnel and tendinitis. He most recently resumed streaming in December 2019, and now, close to six months later, he’s finally on top (hopefully just in time for a glorious Switch version of Super Mario 64).

You can check out the full Super Mario 64 stream here. If you just want to see the record-breaking moment and ensuing wholesome overload, skip to the 5:43.00 mark.





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