Can’t stop: PC port of Super Mario 64 still being enhanced despite legal complaints

Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a landmark video game. It set the blueprint for 3D platformers, shaped many a young gamer, and is still being played today. An unofficial port for the PC launched last month and was immediately hit with copyright complaints. Despite this, modders are still tinkering away with the title, adding new effects and enhancements.

This is shaping up to be a great way to play Super Mario 64

A list of upgrades was detailed over at Video Games Chronicle:

Since Mario 64 PC was released in May, fans have implemented a new modern Mario model, improved the game’s textures via AI upscaling and added an alternative set of textures created by hand.

…it’s also possible to implement ray-tracing in Mario 64 via the third-party Reshade app.

Fancy lighting in an almost 24-year-old title. What a concept!

If you’re curious to see these improvements in action, there are videos below showcasing some of the features:

I love how clean everything looks. Also, showing side by side comparisons with the original is a nice move.

The program that launches the PC port is still being shared on social media, even though many links were taken down last month. I’m sure curious fans can find it if they look hard enough.

Enthusiasts, do you think the Super Mario 64 PC project looks rad? How long will it take for Nintendo to issue a cease and desist? Perhaps to make way for its own remaster? Let us know your responses down below!

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