How well do you think Super Mario 64 holds up?

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Brace yourself: Super Mario 64 is now twenty-five years old. As the most notable early 3D platformer, the game wowed millions of young gamers with its bright, colorful, and expansive 3D worlds. Nowadays, though, the game is a little more divisive, with many feeling that the game’s controls and scope have aged far too poorly compared to modern video games. Others, meanwhile, hold that the game is every bit as good as we always thought. Where do you fall in this debate? How well (or how poorly) has Super Mario 64 aged?

I think that the age is quite noticeable and that many other 3D platformers have since surpassed Super Mario 64, but the game is still one of the best 3D platforming experiences out there, rough controls and all. It does not take long to get a handle on the camera, and the game’s quick, simple objectives are still tons of fun even today. I prefer most 3D Mario titles to Super Mario 64, but I still really enjoy taking the original out for a spin every now and then, most recently 100%-ing it on Switch with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars last year.

How do you feel about Super Mario 64 today? What makes you feel that way? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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