These Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong Dreams recreations are amazing

Super Mario 64 Dreams Donkey Kong 64 Dreams recreation remake Nintendo Media Molecule

Super Mario 64 is one of the best-known names in the Nintendo 64 library. It felt like almost everyone who owned the console also owned a copy of Super Mario 64. Donkey Kong achieved immortality of his own between the Country series on SNES and 64. Skip forward about 24 years from Mario 64‘s launch to 2020, and PlayStation fans are producing Mario 64 and Donkey Kong Dreams recreations. It may only have been a few days since the game’s launch following an early access period, but it seems as though the need for these remakes has proven too much for those given Dreams‘ creative power. Check out the video below from YouTube channel GameXplain to see the Mario 64 and Donkey Kong Dreams recreations in action. Donkey Kong in particular seems like a true reimagining of the game’s mechanics.

What is Dreams?

Dreams is developer Media Molecule’s latest game on PlayStation 4. It provides players with a simplified toolset that allows them to create anything they can imagine. The game launched in beta last April, and beta players have been building interactive art, calming landscapes, remakes of older games, and even brand new games. As the video above points out, there are already quite a number of Mario games available in Dreams, in addition to this Donkey Kong level that doesn’t seem to be public just yet.

Dreams allows players to create whatever they want, even if it’s technically someone else’s intellectual property. These games are openly shared with everyone who owns Dreams, but there’s no way for the creator to earn money from the Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong Dreams recreations. Nintendo could potentially reach out to Media Molecule to ensure the limited spread of these remakes, but other than that there’s very little they can feasibly do to stop Dreams players from remaking Nintendo properties. This also leaves the door open for brand new Mario, Donkey Kong, or even Luigi games to be built in Dreams. There really is no limit, so we’ll just have to wait and see what else these creators come up with.


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