Super Mario 3D All-Stars at Target offers you a magnet set

purchase Super Mario 3D All-Stars Target magnets exclusive Nintendo preorder

Retailers are really vying now for your attention when it comes to purchasing Nintendo’s hot new Mario collection. Purchasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars at Target will nab you a “free and exclusive” magnet set, apparently including a set of cute magnets for each game in the collection. You will have the ability to just cover your refrigerator in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy magnets. Surely that’s how Nintendo would want it.

This news was actually made public yesterday, but a retweet from Nintendo today helped the word spread.

Today, as we already reported, it came to light that purchasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars at GameStop will net you some really pretty themed Joy-Con covers. It’s up to the individual which of these two offers is more valuable. If you don’t like to decorate your hardware in any way, then these Target magnets are definitely the way to go as the less intrusive collectible.

Personally, I already preordered the game at Amazon, and I’m increasingly regretting that decision. Sure, I could simply cancel that preorder, which takes just a few seconds, but I’m oddly committal about my purchases.

What about you? Will you purchase Super Mario 3D All-Stars at Target to grab those magnets? Tell us where you’re at in your buying process!


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