Super Hyperactive Ninja’s caffeinated adventure heading to Switch

Switch owners have been blessed with a wealth of quirky little indie platformers. Now, it looks like they’ll soon get one more in the form of Super Hyperactive Ninja.

Spain-based developer JanduSoft recently made an announcement via Twitter that their 50-level campaign would also be heading to Switch. This comes after the company’s announcement earlier this year that the 2D action platformer would find its way to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Super Hyperactive Ninja according to the developer a “remake-reboot” of an Android mobile game called Hyperactive Ninja. In Super Hyperactive Ninja, the players’ number one enemy is sleep. Your character’s energy comes in the form of caffeine, which can be found throughout the levels. If you run out of caffeine, it’s off to slumberland. Or, death, same diff.

The announcement trailer from April shows a game that is true to its caffeinated premise. It’s frenetic and looks like something that could go down as smooth as a soy latte, especially with speedrunners. But, don’t start brewing your next pot of Joe just yet. While JanduSoft announced the game will be coming to Switch, they have not yet said when it’s coming. If you’re jonesin’ for more in the meantime, however, there are demos available on other platforms (sorry, Switch owners).

John Dunphy
John Dunphy has written, edited and managed several newspapers, magazines and news websites in both the United States and South Korea. He's written about local government, food, nightlife, Korean culture, beer, cycling, land preservation, video games and more. His love of gaming began with the Atari 2600 but truly came of age on the Super Nintendo. Looking at his staggering surplus of console and PC games yet to be played, he laments the long-ago days of only being able to buy one $70 32-megabyte cartridge and playing it until his hands ached.