Super Baby 2 headed to Dragon Ball FighterZ, Pikkon to Xenoverse 2

Super Baby 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 Pikkon Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Perhaps even more so since the advent of Dragon Ball Super, the Dragon Ball franchise has always benefited from a wide diversity of fighters, and the Bandai Namco video games are benefiting in turn as a result. According to Weekly Shonen Jump and as relayed by Gematsu, the next character to join Dragon Ball FighterZ with FighterZ Pass 3 this winter is Super Baby 2 from Dragon Ball GT, and Pikkon will join Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in its 12th free update in spring 2021.

Both characters are pretty awesome additions. Dragon Ball GT may not be remembered too fondly, but the Baby Saga is often considered the highlight, as Baby himself is one of the most threatening and compelling villains. Super Baby 2 specifically is the version of the character that possessed Vegeta, went Super Saiyan 4, and has absorbed a bunch of extra energy to become even stronger. No details of how Super Baby 2 will play in Dragon Ball FighterZ with FighterZ Pass 3 are available yet though.

Likewise, there are no details on Pikkon yet for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but Pikkon too is a cool character. He was original to the Dragon Ball Z anime and was a fierce but ultimately noble warrior that Goku fought in the afterlife. The 12th free update for Xenoverse 2 will additionally include a Janemba CC Mascot, as well as Bardock and Gine’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly costumes.

Let us know if you have thoughts about these additions, especially your opinions on following up Master Roshi with Super Baby 2 in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


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