Summer in Mara, a farming sim with story-based adventure, hits Switch in June

Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara, an intriguing mix of farming sim and adventurous story title from Chibig Studio, is set to release on Switch and PC June 16 after a long wait through multiple delays. The game promises dozens of hours of content, hundreds of missions, and plenty more to explore to discover. Read up on what Chibig Studio has in store below, and take in the announcement trailer to get an idea of what the game looks and plays like.

Summer in Mara is a mix of farming simulation and story-based adventure rolled into one as players will visit new islands, make new friends, and learn more about the evil corporation Elit, which wants to conquer Mara. As Koa, Chibig Studio wants players to feel like they’re exploring the world of Mara to make it a better place. Character development is a huge focus for the team, and this is reflected in the care put into the friends met, and the anecdotes of their travels.

Summer in Mara features over 30 hours of playtime with 250+ missions to set off on and 20+ characters to meet and befriend. Along with a host of upgrades, secrets, and treasure to find, Summer in Mara is set to deliver a wholesome and fun experience for all ages!

If you don’t want to wait to try Summer in Mara, head over to its Steam page now for a free prologue. If you have enough patience to get by, though, then the prologue will also be available on Switch a bit closer to the full game’s release.

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