Summer Games Done Quick raises $1 Million faster than ever

Summer Games Done Quick

Love them or hate them, the Games Done Quick events have always been incredibly successful in their fundraising efforts, with the last few marathons breaking the $2 million mark. Though there are plenty of speedrunners at the event showing off their skills, Games Done Quick sometimes breaks a record of their own. Summer Games Done Quick is one such marathon, having reached the $1 million milestone faster than all its prior iterations.

Typically, events pass this benchmark on Friday. However, just moments ago during the Banjo-Kazooie 100% race, the donations reached the $1 million total. This doesn’t come as a surprise. There have been quite a few donation-heavy runs this week, including Keizaron’s Pokémon Crystal. Today’s Super Mario World blind relay race helped a lot as well, raising over $30,000 in the last few minutes.

Games Done Quick marathons incentivize donations through a variety of means, including the chance to win prizes. Bid wars can influence a part of a game, often a file or character name or which version of a game to run. Additionally, new games and bonus content can be added throughout the week, if enough money gets raised.

All donations for Summer Games Done Quick 2019 go directly to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders is an international organization that provides emergency care to those in distress. This could be the result of political violence, natural disasters, lack of access to healthcare, or more.

Donations tend to explode after crossing the million dollar threshold. Often, the total doubles during the last 24 hours. This year, there’s an extra 24 hours during which this can happen. It won’t surprise me in the slightest if this marathon winds up breaking another record for total raised.

There always seems to be drama going on, so it’s great to see gamers band together to support this fantastic cause!


Steven Rollins
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