Sum up: The NES Endings Compendium catalogs finales of various titles

The NES Endings Compendium

Have any of you enthusiasts encountered an ending screen to an NES game? A lot of them were quite hard, but I’m sure we have all seen our fair share. Nintendo fan Rey Esteban certainly has, which is why he created The NES Endings Compendium: Years 1985 – 1988. This collection catalogs endings to various NES games for those of us who don’t have a console of our own or who simply don’t have the fortitude to complete the adventures.

Many NES endings are iconic, while others simply congratulate you for finishing them

Check out some pages from the book below:

Yes, that is Hitler’s head exploding at the conclusion of Bionic Commando. I guess Nintendo’s censors were asleep at the wheel when viewing that scene.

Personally, I think this is a great coffee table tome to own. I’d certainly love to have it as part of my collection. It will bring back sweet memories of beating The Legend of Zelda, Contra, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, to name a few.

Though this book has been out for some time, it is currently on sale via Amazon for $21.07 (paperback). A perfect price to pay for a history lesson in endings!

Fellow gamers, will you be picking up The NES Endings Compendium: Years 1985 – 1988? Let us know below.

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