He’s super into it: Official Nintendo channel shares suggestive video of Toad


Every now and again, we come together as a species to create something truly magnificent. The printing press, the internet, the list goes on and on. It goes without saying that Nintendo’s Switch is a superb, man-made creation. Right behind the Switch on the list of beautiful inventions, however, is a recent video from Nintendo’s Line account, which is an instant messaging app in Japan. Prepare your eyes for something deliciously suggestive.


The fine folks over at Nintendo Life shared the following footage on their Twitter account. It must be made perfectly clear that the video is from an official Nintendo channel:

….Well! That is certainly something.

The clip is a promotional advertisement for Nintendo Labo. Toad is supposed to be doing sit-ups while the person above steps on him. How innocent and naive Nintendo believes us all to be! The sound he is making is not a noise one makes while exercising.

One thing I am not here to do is kink shame. Whatever Toad enjoys and likes done to his body is his choice. As long as everything is consensual, it’s fair game. You do you, little mushroom.

Do any readers feel the raw sexual energy from this short clip? If you are of the mind that this video is showcasing sit-ups, do you feel like pressing down on a cardboard pedal is a good workout? Let us know your thoughts down below!


Arthur Damian
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