Suda51, Swery, Silent Hill creator making indie horror Hotel Barcelona

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Just yesterday, we shared the news on one of the wildest collaborations in the video game industry being born. Suda51 and Swery, two incredibly unique and globally influential video game designers known for a variety of unorthodox titles, are coming together to create the ultimate auteur-driven video game experience. Thanks to a recent IGN Japan livestream, we now know what it’s called: Hotel Barcelona.

swery suda51 hotel barcelona

During a joint livestream panel hosted by IGN Japan, Suda51 and Swery shared details on their upcoming collaboration. Hotel Barcelona is an indie horror title, and what better publisher to go to for a creator-driven indie experience than Devolver Digital. They’re known for publishing some of the most out-of-the-box and memorable indie games in existence, so the fact that Suda51 and Swery are in talks with them to work on the game is promising.

Despite being billed as an indie title, though, the game is supposedly rocking an impressive budget of $1 million. While that certainly isn’t a massive triple-A number, it might be enough to help them match the style of the works that have inspired Hotel Barcelona. Swery mentions drawing inspiration once again from famed American director David Lynch but also specifically mentions drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks season 3.

Suda51 name-drops another video game as being a key inspiration for this collaborative effort: the horror series Siren, created by Silent Hill creator and horror game legend Keiichiro Toyama. While on the subject of Toyama, Suda51 and Swery mention how just before the panel began, the two of them realized how great it would be to get the Siren and Silent Hill creator to be a guest developer on Hotel Barcelona.

The two had planned to spring the question on him at whatever event they happened to see him at next, but instead they decided to just literally text him and ask. In the middle of the panel. Later on, as the panel was coming to a close, Swery received a text that made him freak out, and not-so-stealthily showed it to the rest of his panel members, who had similar reactions. Swery revealed that Keiichiro Toyama had responded to their text with a yes, turning Hotel Barcelona into one of the most insane horror game collaborations since the late, great P.T. graced our consoles back in 2014.

There are a few other interesting tidbits to note about the upcoming indie horror collaboration. It’s supposed to be “easy to pick up” according to Suda51 and Swery, hinting that it could possibly be coming to mobile as well. There’s also another collaborator on board in the form of Jukio Kallio, the music composer behind indie gems like Minit, Nuclear Throne, and the Celeste B-sides.

Hotel Barcelona doesn’t have a set release date or confirmed consoles, but the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration is coming sometime soon.

Update: Devolver Digital apparently has no idea what they Suda51 and Swery are talking about, but they’re intrigued!

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