Suda51: Rocky III inspires No More Heroes 3, Killer7 remake possible

Suda51 on No More Heroes 3 via Rocky III, Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, platformer 20,000 hours

Goichi Suda, otherwise known as Suda51, of Grasshopper Manufacture sat down for a long interview at Gamescom 2019, since published by Rocket Beans TV Gaming. Suda51 touched upon many topics, but the highlights include reviving Killer7 and the motivations that are driving No More Heroes 3. In particular, the part I personally find awesome is that No More Heroes 3 is inspired by Rocky III.

No More Heroes 3 and Rocky III

Via translator, the Rocky influence is explained: “For Rocky III, Rocky has gotten a little bit older. He’s fighting more and more powerful people as he goes. And then he faces down Mr. T in the movie. So in this one, I kind of want to have that similar thing. Travis getting a little bit older. Now he’s facing down stronger and stronger opponents. And now he’s got all these Thanos-level opponents that he has to take down.”

As for No More Heroes 3 itself, characters from previous Grasshopper games will appear in the game, perhaps not just NMH characters. Suda51 says he wants there to be as many NMH titles as there are Rocky and Final Fantasy titles — in other words, a lot of games.

Suda51 on revisiting Killer7 and Lollipop Chainsaw

He goes on to explain that he’s not interested in making sequels to Killer7 because the story already has an end. However, he is open to creating a “Killer7 Perfect Edition” that would deliver the full game and story he had originally envisioned; only a third of what he originally wrote actually appeared in the game.

Another project the developer would like to return to in some way is Lollipop Chainsaw, but matters of timing and working with publisher Warner Bros. could complicate the possibility for it.

Suda51 on creating a 20,000-hour platformer

One more amusing morsel: If Suda51 were given all the money in the world to make any game he wanted, he says he would make a 2D sidescrolling open-world game that is so long that it never ends. After 20,000 hours, you still would not clear the game. He probably said all of this as a joke, but it’s pretty funny to think about anyway.

Watch the full interview if you’ve got some time today.


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