Suda51 wanted to call the game No More Heroes 3 Final Bout – All Out Galactic War

No More Heroes 3 Suda51

No More Heroes 3‘s director Suda51 apparently had a different, longer title in mind for the game: No More Heroes 3 Final Bout – All Out Galactic War. According to a Twitter account representing the game, this proposed title was simply too long, so the team dropped the subtitle in what they characterized as taking a hint from the Rocky film series. You can check out the tweet below, which contains a message from Suda51 that mentions the original potential title and muses a bit about the excitement and happiness that comes with the long-awaited release of No More Heroes 3.

I have to admit, No More Heroes 3 Final Bout – All Out Galactic War sure does seem like a fitting title, given the eccentric, exciting, and energetic nature of the series. It makes sense that Suda51 and the team ultimately opted for a shorter title, but I kind of would have rather have seen the longer version.

Ultimately, though, a title only matters so much. After all, we still found No More Heroes 3 (Final Bout – All Out Galactic War, if you must) to be a fantastic experience. Our reviewer gave it a 9 out of 10 – despite some performance issues, the game really shines and is a satisfying close to the trilogy.

Are you going to pick up No More Heroes 3? Have you played any of the previous games in the franchise? Which title would you have preferred for the third entry? How do you feel about the rest of Suda51’s message to fans? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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