Suda51 comments on No More Heroes 3 progress, open world, and more

suda51 no more heroes 3 progress update

Suda51 is no slouch when it comes to making games. The acclaimed developer has been making beloved games for decades, and of course, the No More Heroes series is his baby. The adventures of Travis Touchdown will continue with No More Heroes 3, and the auteur has given us a little bit about the progress of the game talking to Wccftech, as well as some information about the bosses, the size of the world, and more.

No More Heroes 3 progress

Suda51 says that No More Heroes 3 is about 30-40 percent complete. Considering the game was only revealed at this past summer’s E3, it seems the team has made some great progress. Hopefully this means that we’ll be seeing the game sooner next year rather than later.

No More Heroes 3 will continue the open-world style from the first two games in the series. While it will be larger, Suda51 warned us not to get our hopes up for something as big as we’d expect from Rockstar or Ubisoft. Considering the size of the team, they simply don’t have the resources to make a game the size of Grand Theft Auto V. That being said, there will be side missions and Suda even teased some extras.

In the reveal trailer, we see Travis getting equipped with a robotic battle armor suit, reminiscent of what Iron Man wears. Then he goes off to fight some alien ships. Suda51 wants to meet fan expectations, so this will be a feature in the game, but only under special conditions.

And notably, the interviewer asked Suda if he could describe a boss in just three words. His response: “Thanos. Venom. Joker.” Consider me psyched.

More details from Suda51

Suda51’s interview contains lots more tidbits regarding things like the motion controls in No More Heroes 3, his love of music, and even his indie horror collab with Swery. Personally, I’m thrilled to be playing as Travis again in the near future, so this interview was a delight to read.

What about you though? Are you looking forward to playing No More Heroes 3? Excited about the motion controls? Ready to take on assassins and aliens? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear