What the hey: Goichi Suda teases new characters for upcoming E3 reveal


Holy Moley, E3 2019 is just about a week away! This means it is time for pre-E3 hype and teases from our favorite developers. One such visionary, Goichi Suda, decided to get fans in a tizzy by sharing some mysterious character art on Twitter. Could the artwork have something to do with a possible No More Heroes 3?

Suda knows how to play with emotions

Suda51 started out his information dump by posting the following creature:

I have no idea what this monstrosity can even be. It’s either related to No More Heroes 3 or is a brand new character from a fresh IP.

Suda51’s new header image just added to the mystery:


Is that a spaceship? A giant leaf? What is happening?!

Of course, Suda could not just leave it be with two intriguing images, and in fact changed his profile pic, too:


Hmm, this guy looks like he could be Travis Touchdown’s son. Perhaps No More Heroes 3 will deal with a new generation of assassins? We will all know soon enough.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of these three images? Are they all connected to No More Heroes 3? Will a new IP be introduced by Suda? Perhaps both?! Let us know your best-educated guesses in the comment section below.

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