Stylish Inmost physical edition revealed from Super Rare Games

Inmost physical edition

Do you recall the atmospheric indie, Inmost? It released on the Switch eShop last August. Earlier this year, fans of the puzzle adventure were stoked to find out Super Rare Games is doing a limited physical run for the game. We can now confirm the company will sell the physical edition of Inmost on May 20 at 6 pm BST (10 am PT/1 pm ET). And it is a thing of intense beauty.

The physical edition of Inmost has trading cards?! Sign me up!

Take a look at what you’ll be getting if you order from Super Rare Games:

Inmost physical edition

Here’s a rundown of what’s included:

  • All content on the cart
  • Full-color manual
  • Artwork on the interior
  • Exclusive sticker
  • Three random cards from a five-card set

Once again, the physical edition of Inmost will go on sale on May 20 at the Super Rare Games website. Only 5,000 will ever be printed (3,000 limited edition and 2,000 steelbook).

Though it stings to see so few of these copies being made, I’m glad Super Rare Games at least ships things out soon after they go on sale. That’s one thing it has over Limited Run Games.

Enthusiasts, are you planning on ordering Inmost? Let us know below.

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