Stylish and Fun – Ping 1.5+ Preview for Wii U

I\’m not going to sit here and lie to you by acting like I\’m a huge fan of puzzle games, because honestly, I\’m not. I enjoy a game of Dr. Mario from time to time or Wild Snake on the SNES — if you don\’t know about Wild Snake, shame on you! — but puzzle games have never really been my forte. Ping 1.5+ looked to be an interesting game, based on the graphical style, but besides that, I didn\’t think there would be much to keep me interested. After playing a near-complete build for the past few days and having a small crowd of people around watching me, I realized that Ping 1.5+ may end up being a special gem on the Wii U.

Ping 1.5+ has a simple premise: move a block from one side of the level to another in as little bounces as possible — so think Pong, but no return serve. The first few stages breeze by, but as the game continues, you realize that there is a method to the madness. Your can literally feel your brain melt as you try to figure out what is the best trajectory for your block to get from one section of the map to another. Later levels allow for multiple throws of the block, but there also warps, enemies, and disappearing blocks to stunt your path.


The graphic style is simple, but very effective. The colors are vivid, the backgrounds are varied, and there are lots of nods to games of the past such as Space Invaders and The Legend of Zelda. The game also is very fluid and fast, with 1080P and 60FPS confirmed for the game. The control is tight and. while there isn\’t much to do in terms of controlling, it works great.

What may appear to be a run of the mill puzzle game, it offers multiple levels, boss battles, and infinite replay in the terms of trying to lower your bounces and shots used to get a lower score. The lower the score, the better medal you get, and so on. Nami Tentou Mushi has crafted a fine puzzle game that may even appeal to fans not of the genre, such as myself. Barring a huge disaster, Ping 1.5+ is poised to be a solid addition to the ever-growing Wii U library and will hopefully see success. For more information on Ping 1.5+ and Nami Tentou Mushi, be sure to check out our in-depth interview with them.

Shawn Long
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