Keeping it stylish: Switch Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition to feature seamless “Style Switching”

Style Switching

Today is an exciting day! Not only did Smash fans find out who DLC Fighter #5 is, but Capcom also dropped an update on Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition for Switch. As previously guessed, the title will receive a new “Style Switching” system, bringing it more in line with its sequels, Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 5. Prepare yourselves for insane combo videos shortly.

“Style Switching” for DMC3 means the game will now be perfect

For those unaware, DMC3 introduced Styles to the series. Dante could utilize up to six different Styles throughout his adventure, from modes like Swordmaster (buffs his melee attacks) to Royal Guard (buffs his defense). Players could only choose one Style at a time, either at the beginning of a mission or at a Divinity Statue in the middle of one. The demon slayer could later switch these Styles on the fly in DMC4 and DMC5. Now, Capcom is adding this Free Style exclusively to the Switch version of 3.

Check out the Free Style in action below:

Woo! With a touch of the D-pad, Dante can alter his combat preferences in a matter of seconds.

I’m very excited to see DMC3 updated in this way. Unfortunately, I own 1-5 on PS4, and I’d rather not double-dip. Hopefully, this mechanic will make its way to other consoles in the future.

The updated Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition will launch digitally for Switch on February 20, 2020. Gamers can pre-purchase it now for $19.99. North American players who pre-order will get a 50% discount on purchases of Devil May Cry and/or Devil May Cry 2.

Also, more unannounced features will be discussed on January 30 and February 13, 2020. We will be sure to report on them once we have the details.

Enthusiasts, are you pumped for “Style Switching?” Do you have any idea what else Capcom has planned for the Switch DMC3? Let us know your theories below.

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