Stutter: Physical Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! hit with delay

Doki Doki Literature Club delay

Unsurprisingly, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! is a sales juggernaut. Through word of mouth and streaming channels, the game had already built up quite a reputation online before hitting consoles. Fans of physical media, like myself, were looking forward to the physical edition of the game to launch in August. Unfortunately, that was delayed until September. And now, Doki Doki Literature Club has hit a delay yet again.

The Doki Doki Literature Club delay is all part of Monika’s plan, I think

Publisher Serenity Forge announced the setback on Twitter:

The pandemic has caused delays around the world. As such, it is understandable to see hindrances in manufacturing and shipping. For this reason, the physical Doki Doki Literature Club is now set to hit Switch on October 8.

Wait, October 8? Doesn’t something major release that day? I hope I’m not dreading what this information is going to do to my wallet.

If you aren’t feeling up to waiting, you can purchase the digital copy of Doki Doki Literature Club through the eShop. It’s been available since June, after all.

Enthusiasts, are you sad about the physical Doki Doki Literature Club delay? Will you be purchasing it alongside Metroid Dread once October 8 rolls around? Let us know below.

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