Streets of Rage 4 gets new gameplay trailer, teases more characters

Streets of Rage 4 gameplay trailer

Streets of Rage 4 has received a new gameplay trailer, showcasing more of Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding beating up everybody in sight on streets of an angry persuasion. The hand-drawn visuals are as gorgeous, if not more so, than they were in the reveal. And the combat looks like everything you’d expect: combos, fiery special attacks, team air juggles, the works.

As you can see below, the outlines of three more characters are placed behind Axel and Blaze with the game logo. One character seems to have a guitar, and another seems to have a robot hand, so go ahead and get speculating about who they might be.

Streets of Rage 4 still has no announced consoles or release window, but come on, what are the odds that this won’t come to Switch? Anyway, let us know down below who else you hope is playable in this game.


John Friscia
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