StreetPass Relay Points Running Defunct Across North America

Fans of the Nintendo 3DS street pass function are going to be a little miffed today as it has been reported that several StreetPass Relay Points are defunct and not working properly.  Relay points serve as physical hubs or Nintendo Zones which temporarily store user data when Mii’s pass by each other, which, in hand, trades profiles from certain games and other data on to even more Mii’s that they pass in the future.

3DS relay points came into play during an August update and gives players even more chances to swap data that they can use in the four new Mii Plaza games.  Those games alone brought in $4 million in one month.  A support page on Nintendo’s site makes players aware that they must have their firmware updated to 6.2.0-0U or higher, otherwise, they cannot use the service.

Apparently, some 3DS owners have said that the latest update has not taken care of their worries with the problem.  Players have noted that such Nintendo Zone locations such as McDonalds have only relayed data after the player logs in to use the free wi-fi services through the 3DS web browser.

We will keep you posted when changes occur.

Tom Stovall