Street Power Soccer brings freestyle soccer to Switch this summer


Street Power Soccer from SFL Interactive and Maximum Games is a brand new freestyle soccer game that sees players master tricks and skills to impress on the field. Throughout six unique game modes, players will master these skills and become soccer legends. The game will feature a roster of global freestyle, panna, and street soccer ambassadors, including Sean Garnier, JaviFreestyle, Liv Cooke, Andrew Henderson, Raquel “Freestyle” Benetti, and Daniel Got Hits. Each ambassador has a proven track record in their field of expertise, whether it’s Sean Garnier’s title as the first-ever world freestyle soccer champion or Andrew Henderson’s five world champion titles.

With each ambassador, players will learn how to master new elements of the game, from the very basic blend of football skills and freestyle moves, to entirely new concepts such as panni. Within the six distinct game modes are skill-focused and soccer-focused modes, meaning that there’s something to please any soccer fan here.

The game’s style extends from the pitch into the visuals, with vibrant cel-shaded characters. It doesn’t stop there though. Players can customize their player as much as they want to, with unlockable cosmetics in each game mode.

Street Power Soccer looks very much like a callback to FIFA Street. EA’s FIFA spin-off series was short-lived, but those who played it generally found the blend of soccer skills and freestyle showmanship refreshing to play and rewarding to master. If this game managed to capture the essence of what FIFA Street started, then it’s going to be a big hit with soccer game fans.

Street Power Soccer will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam this summer.

[Source: PR]

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