Street Fighter II Ported Into Virtual Boy Golden Redness

Nintendo just released the Street Fighter 2 trilogy for the Wii U virtual console and now someone is trying to capitalize on the idea by porting the Street Fighter 2 to Nintendo’s failed Virtual Boy console.  The iteration is called Street Fighter 2 Hyper fighting and some homebrew magicians have been successful in their endeavor.

The game features only four playable characters with four fighting stages.  The downside to the whole project is that it only works with a special cartridge that makes it possible for Virtual Boy connoisseurs to play unlicensed software on the console.  Oddly enough, it doesn\’t work on any Virtual Boy emulator.

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was kind of prehistoric version of the Oculus Rift with elements of the 3DS peppered in.  It also only featured graphics in the color red which by today’s standards is pretty atrocious.  It would be like playing on Mars looking through a pair on binoculars.

What are your thoughts on this achievement? Should it not have been toyed with or is it just another cheap attempt to ruin what Nintendo so masterfully crafted?

Tom Stovall