Story of Seasons and Rune Factory Producer Forms HAKAMA Inc.

Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who has previously worked as a Producer on Marvelous’s Story of Seasons and Rune Factory series, has started HAKAMA Inc. The new company is described as having a focus on developing and distributing games for consoles, mobile devices, and PC. The company is also aiming to develop new IPs, record voice-overs for games, and explore public relations/advertising.

As of right now, the company’s only announced project is some work on IntiCreates’ upcoming Dragon Marked for Death on the Switch. Crucially, although Hashimoto has left his previous roles, HAKAMA actually remains a subsidiary of Marvelous. The situation reminds me of the migration Senran Kagura creator Kenichiro Takaki made to Honey Parade Games a few years back, while continuing work on Senran Kagura. That being the case, it might not be unusual to see HAKAMA continue working on the as-of-yet unnamed Story of Seasons title for Switch.

A quick shout out to Japanese Nintendo, and Twitter user @naetoru60 for originally catching the story.





James Galizio