A work of art: Cuphead fan spends a few months creating an incredible stop-motion animation of the game


Cuphead is a beloved indie run and gun that has become quite popular. It’s easy to see why: the title has a unique hand-drawn aesthetic with a smooth jazz soundtrack. One fan, known on YouTube as Davy Productions, loves the game so much he created an unbelievable stop-motion video as a tribute. It’s jaw-droppingly impressive.

Stop-motion still unnerves me just a little bit

Feast your eyes on the short clip below, entitled Chaotic Casino:

What really gets me are the facial expressions and that morph into an airplane. Truly breathtaking stuff. However, why did you have to spoil the ending, Davy?! How could I have known Cuphead and Mugman would triumph over evil?

Davy used the official McFarlane Toys brand of Cuphead to create this stop-motion piece. Here’s how he described his process:

Cuphead had been one of my favorite platformers of 2017 and one of my favorite games I’ve ever played… This animation has been in the works for around four months and it has been difficult to create (mainly due to the editing with the amount of sound design and effects that needed to be added) but I am happy with how it turned out.

It looks like Davy did a great job because Cuphead developer Studio MDHR tweeted the following:

Praise doesn’t get much better than that.

Enthusiasts, what did you think of the stop-motion animation? Are you a fan of Cuphead‘s particular style of unforgiving difficulty? Let us know below!

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