Stonefly release date set for June, bringing chill mech exploration

Stonefly release date June 1, 2021 Nintendo Switch MWM Interactive Flight School Studio Nintendo Switch serene mech exploration Creature in the Well

Publisher MWM Interactive and developer Flight School Studio have announced a June 1, 2021 release date for Stonefly on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Additionally, Flight School and MWM have released the first video in a series called Stonefly Snapshots, intended to give players a quick look at various facets of its gameplay. The first shows off ability combos used to get rid of bugs. (Don’t worry though — you’re not hurting the bugs. This is a nonviolent game.)

Stonefly was announced back in February as a serene exploration game where a young inventor named Annika pilots a mech through natural environments to collect minerals. We covered the announcement and several details in depth and were impressed with its striking visual style. (Hopefully it will look as good on Switch as it does in trailers.) Prior to this title, Flight School Studio created Creature in the Well.

“Our small team set out to create something visually unique and mechanically original with Stonefly and we think players are going to love following Annika’s journey and gliding around the world we’ve created,” said Bohdon Sayre, game director at Flight School Studio. “We always challenge ourselves to put stakes in the ground outside the norm, and MWM Interactive have been a great partner to allow us the creative freedom to take risks and explore new territory. Stonefly is an ambitious project, different than anything we’ve made before, and a game that we are really proud of.”

With the Stonefly release date set for the start of June, you’ll be piloting a robot and brushing away huge bugs soon enough.

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