Clever: Steven Universe contains a reference to GameCube’s original codename

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a wonderful show about love, friendship, and dealing with emotions in a healthy way. Also, it’s full of homages and easter eggs. In fact, one episode contains a not so subtle reference to Nintendo’s square fun machine, the GameCube. Eagle-eyed viewers will note the allusion goes deeper than a quick little nod, however.

Video games exist in Steven Universe because they are universally beloved

A Twitter user that goes by the handle @RiseFallNick posted the following image:

Neat! It’s cool to see Steven’s buddy, Amethyst, playing the console, since she’s quite purple.

Many younger gamers thought the name Dolphin was used as a tribute to the GameCube emulator:

To be fair, using the Dolphin software does allow one to play GCN titles on their CPU. But that’s not what the cartoon is being clever about.

For those unaware, Dolphin was the codename for the GameCube before it launched. Here’s DidYouKnowGaming?‘s Liam Robertson alluding to this fact, though not in an informative way:

Enthusiasts, are you fans of Steven Universe? What do you think of this fun GameCube easter egg? Were you saddened the console did not end up shaped like a dolphin? Let us know your feelings on these topics down below.

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