Clever: The internal codename for Minecraft Steve in Smash Ultimate was “Pickel”

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By now, Minecraft Steve has entered the ring in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hopefully, you are all learning his expansive move set and not just building blocks to prevent other players from grabbing ledges. If you’re interested in the character’s development history, it turns out he had a special codename internally before being revealed during a Sakurai stream. The moniker? “Pickel.”

Steve’s face just screams “Pickel”

Not to be confused with the word “pickle,” “Pickel” refers to the Japanese word for pickaxe. Since Steve uses the tool to mine for materials (in both Minecraft and Smash Ultimate) and lay the smackdown on his enemies, it makes perfect sense he had such an alias.

Codenames for DLC fighters in Ultimate have appeared before:

  • Joker – Jack
  • Hero – Brave
  • Banjo – Buddy
  • Terry – Dolly
  • Byleth – Master
  • Min Min – Tantan

As was the case with Steve, these labels hinted at the combatants’ identities. For example, “Jack” refers to Jack Frost, a popular character in the Persona series. And “Brave” refers to a class in the Dragon Quest series. I can’t wait to learn the codenames for the other four unannounced characters. But we’ll probably learn those after the fighters launch, which means we can’t use them for speculation. Boo!

Enthusiasts, do you like Steve’s secret alias? And are you enjoying the fighter so far? Let us know below.

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